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Unified Communication as a Service

Telecom India Online, 2008

Mamta Swaroop

Comptel Communications India Pvt Ltd



I don’t understand “Unified-Communication as a Technology”.

I am a common person with common needs. I am always in search of a more organised and smooth life.

I want to be in touch with those who are important to me!

I would like to be accessible to those who need me!

I want to access devices / people without need of first knowing their Accessible-Id.

I want to access them on the basis of the OBVIOUS Information in front of my eye.

When in crisis, I want to reach my dear ones through all possible mediums in one go. I don’t want to follow long procedures and don’t want to remember multiple Ids.

As an Administration-Head I would like to get an alert if there is Fire or if there is a Generator Failure in the Building I am supposed to take care of!

I would like to manage my devices remotely!

I have my own perception…of Unified Communication!


My perception of Unified Communication

I understand Unified-Communication as a Service; I understand that it can facilitate all that I mentioned by putting different blocks together under one Umbrella!

UC makes sense to me:-

When my elderly parents can reach me just by pressing a single button on a UC Device installed at my place.

  • A single button press and I get intimated at my mail-ID / mobile / extension / voice-mail / pager. No need to remember numbers/mail-IDs. No need to follow complete procedure to get connected.

  • Similar device can be programmed for reaching local Police / Society Security / Doctor etc.

When the same device in installed besides each patient’s bed inside the ICU of a Hospital.

  • It can be programmed for reaching Nurse / Doctor through all instant modes like Mobile / Pager etc.

When I can manage my Phone / Pager using my special password/code from a distance.

  • I left it somewhere; beyond the monetary loss I am afraid of losing my data in wrong hands; I would like to lock it by dialling sequence of few digits. Dialling another sequence I should be able to unlock it.

  • I left it somewhere; I wish nobody notices it till the time I reach there… but what if it rings and catches somebody’s attention! I would like to Switch-Off my device by dialling sequence of few digits. Dialling another sequence I should be able to switch it on.

When a microscopic UC Device fitted at my door helps me in keeping track of visitors even from a distance.

  • Somebody opened the door, got in / went out – send an alert through mail/sms/call/voice-mail.

  • Device identifies few guys and displays the name; rests of the people are conveyed as Strangers!

When I can reach a Car Owner/Driver by smsing / calling his Car Number.

  • I am in the middle of the road and there is a car at a distance, I would like to take some help from! I should be able to follow some shortcut on my Mobile / Pager to reach that person just by feeding the vehicle number.

When by accessing one single application I can disable/enable all my Cash Cards.

  • I just now lost my wallet; it was having N number of cards in it; I don’t remember those long account numbers and card numbers. I would like to have a single application with all my Account details in it which can do multiple Accounts disabling/enabling for me in the time of crisis.

This Service is here to make the world a small and well-connected place, if used positively!

~ A Non-Techie's Perspective

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