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Tonse Blog, Sep 2015

Mamta Swaroop



“Human beings in a surveyed urban environment are each surrounded by 1000 to 5000 track-able objects.”

You might not like to disclose your location but your smart car would certainly share that. So answer to the question, “how much to automate” is situational.

Business Plan A was devised based on Prediction A. How about Plan B? Do we have a Prediction B to help us design our Plan B? And what if the Model that predicted Plan A was not designed rightly? Who would be fired in that case, the Data Scientist, the Programmer or the Business Analyst?

MVNO model that could not take-off earlier might take-off in IoT arena.

MVNO makes sense from Net Neutrality point of view also. Critical Healthcare services and Video-On-Demand can’t get into application neutrality debate.

In short, our perception will change towards many things and many services.

IoT - a consolidated view. Read more at Tonse Blog!

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